Video aspect ratio - 16:9

Video aspect ratio - 4:3

Video aspect ratio - 2.35:1



Insert video in your layout. Choose from multiple formats accepted by WordPress.
Param name
Widget title Title of widget which will be displayed above widget.
Video link Link to the video. More about supported formats at WordPress codex page.
Video width Select video width in percentage. Percentage will be calculated from the size of container (column).
Video aspect ratio Select aspect ratio of video with 16:9 set as default.
Alignment Control alignment of video player within container (column).
CSS Animation Choose, preview (clicking “animate it”) and add animation.
Element ID Add unique element ID (Note: make sure it is unique and valid according to w3c specification).
Extra class name Add class name in order to refer to this element in CSS.
Design Options Control borders, background and other styling options. Preview details here