“Text block“ is a WYSIWYG editor allowing:

  • to insert text and assign format of paragraph, heading and code;
  • to edit text and make it bold/italic, to align in center, left or right, to set the clolor;
  • to insert a link;
  • to insert a special symbol;
  • to insert ordered and unordered list;
  • to insert media from media library set its size: medium, thumbnail, full and alignment: center, left right and floating;
text block


Param name
Text WYSIWYG editor: set h1-h6 heading, paragraph, bold or italic fonts, text color, text align;
Add Media Add and edit Image size (full or thimbnail) from Media library: image can be floated with text on both sides or placed in center;
Insert Special Character You can add any sybol clicking Ω sign in the tool bar;
Insert List This option allows insert ordered or unordered list;
Add Quote Quote styles are predefined by theme css in this case;
CSS animations Choose, preview (clicking «animate it») and add animation.
Extra class name Add class name in order to refer to this element in custom CSS.
Design Options Control borders, background and other styling options. Preview details here


If you use theme which has shorcodes integrated they woud apear in tool bar of the text box.