Container element allowing to ‘group’ several rows



“Section“ is root type container element that allows you to ‘group’ several rows and save them as preset. You can insert section (saved preset) into root canvas only (section element can not be inserted into any other element, including row). You can also drag and drop section. Section element can contain only row elements.
Param name
Section stretch Add class name in order to refer to this element in CSS.
Full height section? Set section to be full height.
Note: if content will exceed screen size then row will be bigger than screen height as well.
Content position Set content position within columns — Default, Top, Middle, Bottom.
Note: Default value will be used top or other if defined within theme.
Use video background? Set YouTube background for section.
YouTube link Enter link to YouTube video to set it as section background.
Note: YouTube video will overwrite background images and can be used with parallax effect.
Parallax Add parallax type background for section (Note: If no image is specified, parallax will use background image from Design Options).
Image Select image from media library for parallax.
Note: active only if «Parallax» effect is chosen.
Parallax speed Control parallax effect speed with 1.5 value set as default. For traditional parallax effect 1.0 is the minimum value.
Note: active only if Image or Video parallax effect is enabled.
CSS Animation Choose, preview (clicking “animate it”) and add animation.
Section ID Enter section ID (Note: make sure it is unique and valid according to w3c specification).
Disable section Allows you to disable section (It will not be visible to the public).
Extra class name Add class name in order to refer to this element in CSS.
Design Options Control borders, background and other styling options. Preview details here