Flex Slider Fade

Nivo Slider

Flax Slider Slide


Post slider

Create slider from your WordPress site posts, pages or custom posts. Display featured images and take full control over their settings and styling.
Param name
Widget title Enter text used as widget title (Note: located above content element).
Slider type Select slider type: Flex slider fade, Flex slider slide, Nivo slider.
Slider count Enter number of slides to display (Note: Enter «All» to display all slides).
Auto rotate Auto rotate slides each X seconds.
Post types Select source for slider: post, page.
Description Select source to use for description (Note: some sliders do not support it).
Link Link type: Link to post, Link to bigger image, Open custom links, No link.
Custom links Enter links for each slide here. Divide links with line breaks (Enter).

Note: active only if «Link» is set to «Open custom links».

Thumbnail size Enter thumbnail size. Example: thumbnail, medium, large, full or other sizes defined by current theme. Alternatively enter image size in pixels: 200×100 (Width x Height).
Post/Page IDs Enter page/posts IDs to display only those records (Note: separate values by commas (,)). Use this field in conjunction with «Post types» field.
Categories Enter categories by names to narrow output (Note: only listed categories will be displayed, divide categories with linebreak (Enter)).
Order by Select how to sort retrieved posts. More at WordPress codex page.
Sort order Select ascending or descending order. More at WordPress codex page.
Element ID Add unique element ID (Note: make sure it is unique and valid according to w3c specification).
Extra class name Add class name in order to refer to this element in CSS.
Design Options Control borders, background and other styling options. Preview details here
CSS animation Choose, preview (clicking “animate it”) and add animation.