Media Grid is a tool allowing to present your images in grid with various design: with capture and without, with description and without posts will be added automatically to the Post Grid as soon as they are created in WordPress,  posts/

Visual Composer provides two elements for post grid: Media Grid and Media Masonry Grid. The first element adds images of your WordPress site in grid view, the second one adds images of your WordPress site in masonry grid view.

The default tabs are: General allowing to configure view of a grid, Item Design allowing to set post item template design and Design Options.

Below you can preview all Item Design default templates provided in the drop-down. Also you can create your own design using Grid BuilderUnder the links to preview you will find description for options provided and all the other tabs.



Select number of single grid elements per row.


Select gap between grid elements.


Select initial loading animation for grid element. Having chosen animation the grey block will show the animation effect;


Style particular content element differently — add a class name and refer to it in custom CSS.

Item Desing Tab is a dropdown list with for groups of predifined template designs: Basic Grid, Masonry Grid, Media Grid, Media Masonry Grid. In addition you will find option to edit exisiting template or create new one.

Click bottoms above to preview these predifiend designs. View Grid Bilder to know how to create your own template design.

Design Option is equal for all the elements, please find options and description here