Gallery type: Flex slider Fade

Gallery type: Flex slider Slide

Gallery type: Nivo Slider

Gallery type: Grid


Image Gallery

Add responsive Image gallery. Choose your gallery type from Flex Slider, Nivo Slider or Image grid.
Param name
Widget title Title of element which will be displayed above widget.
Gallery type Select gallery type from Flex Slider (Fade/Slide), Nivo Slider or Image grid.
Auto rotate slides Select interval between auto-rotation of images or disable it.
Image source Media Library for inserting images from Media Library;
External links for inserting link to image;
Images Select images from media library. You can also upload images using media library.
External links Enter direct link to external images.
Note: available if «External links» is chosen in «Image source».
Image size Set size of your image. Set large, small etc. or set your own width x height in pixels.
Note: External images accept only pixel values.
OnClick action Select onclick action:

  • None
  • Link to large image
  • Open prettyPhoto
  • Open custom link
Custom links Enter links for onclick event.
Note: available if «Open custom link» is chosen in «OnClick action».
CSS Animation Choose, preview (clicking “animate it”) and add animation.
Design Options Control borders, background and other styling options. Preview details here
Element ID Add unique element ID (Note: make sure it is unique and valid according to w3c specification).
Extra class name Add class name in order to refer to this element in CSS.


Add images of the same size in order to have attractive awesome gallery