Default Raw

Default Row Width will depend on the theme option for page layout.  It there is  set a box layout , the row width will meet the layout width. If there a full-width layout is set, the Row will also be full width.

Stretch Raw (Content has the default width)

Stretch Raw and Content

Stretch Raw and Content (no padding)


Full Height Row

This is full height blue row and yellow content. Full-height raw will take the whole height of screen. The contnet can be set to be streched with the row or remain in its default width as it is shown in this sample.

 «Column position» offers: Top, Buttom, Middle, Strech.

«Content position» offers: Top, Buttom, Middle, Default

Pay attention to the difference between strech option for content in Raw Strech Settings and Strech setting for Column Position!

When we set strech raw and content, content will be streched horizontally, Strech setting for Column will make a coumn full heigh of the row.

Conten position option is applicable only when «Culumn postion» is set to be «strech» and places conten accordingly.

Column position in Full Height Row

Row stretch: Stretch row and content;

Column position: Top;

Conent position: Not applicable;

Content position in Full Height Row

Row stretch: Stretch Row;

Column position: Strech;

Conent position: Bottom;

Equal Height

Regarless what the real height of content in eeach column, all of them will be of the same height.

Content position in this row is set to be Middle.



Simple Parallax

Fade Parallax