Welcome to Visual Composer Club!

Visual Composer has become a “Lego” for Web-masters allowing easily manage content and create page templates without coding skills. Majority premium Word Press themes have this awesome page builder integrated, as it is the most flexible and comprehensive drug and drop constructor, with the widest set of options and configurations.

The main outstanding features of Visual Composer are:

  • Fronted — and Back-end drag-and-drop editor;
  • Global Settings allowing to configure options for the whole site as well as CSS Block available in each page/post for configuring certain page  only;
  • Flexible row and columns options: a row can be inserted into a row; row layout is easily changed by changing of columns width; there are options for columns width, offset, and visibility for each type of device;
  • Section element allows create a block and save it as a template. The row also can be saved as a template in the recent releases;
  • The WYSIWYG editor is available in such elements as Message Box, Call to Action, Text Block;
  • WordPress widgets are available in Add New Element Cart as well as WooCommerce components;
  • JS and HTML Blocks;

Grid Builder is the constructor for creating a post and product templates used in a grid:

  • Grid Builder is a constructor for post items, allowing the creation of any layout and to add a versatile set of components, for example, title and date, excerpt, and “More” button.
  • Grid Builder allows to configure any design for components of a post item;
  • Grid Builder has a wide range of animation options for static and on hover block;
  • Grid Builder allows to save template;
  • Grid Builder has the following components:
  • Text block with WYSIWYG editor;
  • Button which has an option “Add to cart” for WooCommerce products;
  • Icon, Empty Space, Separator, Text with Separator, Single Image, Custom Heading, Custom Field,
  • Post Title, Post Excerpt, Post Author, Post Category, Post Image, Post Date.

Initially WordPress is a blog engine,  designed first of all for dynamic content display. However owing to WooCommerce plugin WordPress has also gained  e-commerce engine functions. Both product items and posts are often displayed in a grid. Most page builders have one and the same template for posts/products display, but not Visual Composer.

Visual Composer works all premium themes and supports WPML, Slider Revolution, Contact Form 7, Essential Grid, and many other plugins.

That is why Visual Composer is a drag-and-drop page builder #1. At the top of the page, you can see the replication of Add New Element Chart. Click any element to preview the element in all the options and configurations available, also you will find detailed up-to-date options descriptions basing on Knowledge Base provided by WPBakery Team.

Visual Composer Club welcomes both: beginners and experts in Visual Composer. For the first, there are detailed instructions and demonstration allowing to figure out how to use this page builder, for the experts — the possibility to save time checking the final result of this or that element easily and quickly.


Get Fresh Updates and Previews!

    Getting Started:

    This block is devoted to beginners who have just purchased Visual Composer or installed a theme with Visual Composer integrated and do not know what the next steps are.  So the first step is plugin installation and you can view video to get know how to install Visual Composer via Plugins Tab in your WordPress, the next step is Visual Composer Global settings, the next — switching between back-end and front-end editors and finally — element chart and adding new element.

    Step 1


    Once you have uploaded the plugin archive, you can install it via the Plugins tab in your Dashboard. Make sure your plugin folder is in zip format and contains only plugin files, not another archive or other additional files. Navigate to «Plugins», press «Add new», choose and upload the archive. Activate.

    Another way of installation is via FTP. Unpack your zip folder. Enter your site root folder with WordPress installation, choose Wp-content > Plugins > upload plugin unpacked folder. Go to Dashboard of your site, to  Plugins tabs and activate plugin.

    Step 2

    Visual Composer Settings

    Once you have uploaded  the plugin archive, you can install it via After successful installation you will see Visual Composer menu item in the Dashboard of your site. Clicking the item you will see the tabs as follow: General Settings, Role Manager, Design Options, Custom CSS, Product License, Shortage Mapper, Grid Builder and About.

    Clicking tabs you will see appropriate set of options. Each option has the description. Pay attention to Role Manager and activate Visual Composer for all custom posts types as shown on the video.

    Step 3

    Back-end & Front-end Editor

    Now let’s move to any page or post and try to create our first template. Having created a page/post you will see Back-end and Front-end buttons. Chose the mode convenient for you. Visual Composer Club works in Back-end Editor mode as it is visually more vivid.

    Both modes have the same set of options: Add new element, Templates, Full screen option, Page settings (CSS block for styles with will work for this certain page only) and Front-end button if you are working in Back-end, and Back-end button if you are working in Front-end.

    Step 4

    Add Element Chart

    In order to start creating your template press “Add new element”, You will see Add element chart with filtering tabs. In order to add an element just click it. You can, first of all, add a row and then an element inside. If you add an element to an empty page a row will be added automatically.

    Most elements have two tabs in options: General Settings and Design options . General Settings have a different sets of options for different elements.  Design options are the same for all the elements. Have a look at the top of the page. This is a replication of the Element chart. Click any element to get a preview and detailed description for all the options and configurations available for the element.

    Hope, Visual Composer Club will help to conceive the whole variety and abundance of options provided by WPBakery Team in their awesome page builder plugin and you would not install a great deal of excessive plugins duplicating Visual Composer option due to lack or knowledge about existence of this or that element and its option.